About Supply Chain Secrets

Rob O’Byrne

CEO of Logistics Bureau Group & Founder of Supply Chain Secrets

Supply Chain Secrets is an online education program that helps those working in Supply Chain and Logistics to boost their knowledge and be better at their jobs. The complete program consists of a comprehensive package of online classes plus all the eBooks and corresponding bonuses. The eBooks can also be purchased per item.

All the information that’s shared in the Supply Chain Secrets online education program is based on:

  • My own 35+ years in the industry and running my own International Supply Chain Consulting business since 1997.
  • The expertise of many of my highly experienced specialist consultants.
  • Knowledge shared from a pool of international industry experts to give the program a truly international perspective.
  • Materials from many of our live events held in Australia and SE Asia.

You are very welcome to join us. Do it right here, right now!