Supply Chain and Logistics Education Program

A step-by-step program where we show you exactly what you need to know to be more successful in business, through a better understanding of Supply Chain and Logistics.

Supply Chain Online Classes

These will take you step-by-step through all the essential knowledge you need, with case studies, worked examples, and useful tools, that will soon have you feeling like a supply chain expert.

Knowledge of Cost and Service Opportunities

An understanding of what makes Supply Chains tick, that most business people lack, so you’ll know instinctively what’s wrong.

A Strategic Supply Chain Focus

Something that no one else teaches, that is so simple, and helps you know right away how a Supply Chain needs to be aligned to the needs of the business and customers. This drives real and lasting cost and service benefits to any business.

Navigating the Outsourcing Minefield

Outsourcing can make or break careers! Learn how to do it the right way, every time, with ease and confidence.

Career Management Tips

Pick the right roles, in the right companies, so you can fast track your way to promotions and higher incomes. Who ever said you have to step on every rung of the corporate ladder to reach the top!

Procurement, Purchasing, Buying

What these all mean and how so many companies get it wrong by rewarding the wrong behaviours. You’ll learn how it should be done.

Supply Chain Management

Understanding Customers

Knowing their needs and how these shape the whole Supply Chain, so that you can consistently drive cost and service improvement.

Optimising Inventory

Something that most businesses, even the big corporates, struggle with. You’ll know the short-cut methods to assessing inventory improvement opportunities.

Transport Cost Reduction Techniques

These ‘insider secrets’ that are simple to understand, are worth the cost of the program alone, 10 times over.

Supply Chain Systems Explained Simply

So you can not only understand the jargon and the business impact of the right systems, but spot the systems BS too! You won’t get burned with investing in the wrong systems or poorly planned implementations.

Measuring and Improving Supply Chain Performance

So essential and yet so often poorly done. You’ll get the right approach from leading experts in the field and access to performance benchmarks that our Benchmarking team have been guarding with their lives for 15 years!

Supply Chain Secrets eBooks

Learn some of the basics and advanced information of specific areas about Supply Chain and Logistics.

Supply Chain Secrets Series
International expert and author Rob O’Byrne gives his powerful and essential tips and insights in these supply chain books based on over 1,400 client assignments across 23 countries. He’s been working, teaching, and consulting in Supply Chain for over 35 years.

As he was starting out in Supply Chain, Rob found it’s hard to find really good unbiased information. And when you find a good book, they’re too technical and hard to read. That’s why he started the Supply Chain Secrets book series. They cover all elements of the Supply Chain in an easy to read style. Two are even written as novels to make them fun to read!

Supply Chain and Logistics Guides

These handy guides have been prepared based on our years of experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry.

  • Retail Supply Chain Guide
  • Slotting and Order Picking Guide
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Glossary
  • Transport Insights
  • Global Sourcing Insights Guides
  • Logistics Outsourcing Plan
  • Request for Tenders
  • Outsourcing Success Guide Pricing

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Supply Chain and Logistics Guides
Supply Chain Secrets Exclusive Webinars

Exclusive Webinars

Each year members are invited to four members only webinars. These are on specialist topics with lots of opportunity for question and answers.

Watch the previously recorded webinars that you can play on your computer or tablet.

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This program will make massive savings in your business and enhance your career prospects.