Well, our free Supply Chain seminar series last week was awesome.  Great fun.   And meeting so many new people is always fantastic.  So thank you to all those who came along and for the great feedback during and after the events.

Whilst doing 5 events in 5 cities in 5 days seemed like a great idea at the time, I’m not sure I could handle that again!  I felt sorry for our guests in Canberra, as the last stop on the tour.  I hope the failing energy levels were not too obvious….

That topic, the 5 Essential Supply Chain Levers seems to have been really useful, so I think we might run that same event again in some new cities.  Maybe Melbourne and Adelaide soon?

And for those cities we have already visited, we’ll start work on some new topics, so feel free to tell us what topics you would like to hear about.

See you soon.


Oh, and for those who showed an interest in Supply Chain School and applied to join us, we’ll see you very soon.  I think for the next ‘School’ we are close to being sold out!


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