Want to unlock the mysteries of blockchain technology, unravel the complexities of transport management, or gain fresh insights into logistics and supply chain management? If so, the short and authoritative videos on the upgraded Supply Chain Secrets YouTube channel are your answer.


Want to Unlock Supply Chain Secrets? The Key is on YouTube

In your quest for supply chain management knowledge, do you ever get tired of trawling the Internet and sifting through mountains of often uninformed, typically tedious, excessively academic, and sometimes even useless information?

Our growing library of videos on YouTube might be the breath of fresh air that you need. They provide insights into logistics and supply chain management in a broad range of formats.


To make it easier to enjoy them, we have collated them all into a fresh new YouTube channel, so you can sit back, watch, and learn from the experts.


Channelling Expert Insights

Every Wednesday Rob O’Byrne and consultants from Logistics Bureau, as well as international experts,  add to the collection of short, sharp, informative videos that cover subjects such as:

  • Customer service
  • Blockchain technology
  • Transportation management
  • Improving productivity
  • Supply chain automation
  • Warehouse design and management

In case you’d like some idea of what to expect before you head on over to SCS on YouTube, we thought we’d share a couple of transcribed excerpts. They are typical of the light, but lively and insightful dialogues to be found across the diverse range topics covered on the channel.


Excerpt 1: Demystifying the blockchain

In a video lasting just 4mins and 43 seconds, Stephen Rowlinson of global blockchain group Bbiller cuts to the chase and explains in plain terminology the nuts and bolts of blockchain technology.

“One of the biggest benefits,” he tells Rob O’Byrne, “is that you can do away with those intermediaries. One of the biggest costs to business is the bank.

“With blockchain technology, it is possible to make payments from one party to another party, without the involvement of a bank or other financial services intermediary.”


The video is characterised by simple but informative explanations of the intricacies of blockchain technology, such as the example above. Didn’t get it all at the first viewing? Simply watch it again — and again.


Excerpt 2: Digital pizza delivery

Via an analogy of ordering a pizza using today’s digital tools, Rob O’Byrne, and Mathew Smith of Schneider Electric, discuss the criticality of the digital supply chain in the current climate of rapidly advancing technology


Rob: “I think that a lot of customers are just expecting information like that (clicks fingers) and a service like that (clicks fingers). And if you’re not doing that you’re just not keeping up, are you?”


Mathew: “I mean we expect service like that when we buy a pizza right … information straight away (clicks fingers).”

Rob: “That’s right. I order a pizza and it comes in six minutes.”

Mathew: “That is the normal experience we have every day … so people naturally expect that in their everyday life.”

These are just two of the many complex issues tackled in the Supply Chain Secrets videos, all of which feature experts untangling the jargon and telling it in straight and uncomplicated terms.


Who is the Channel For?

Do you find supply chain and logistics to be a sometimes perplexing, daunting, and technical business function to understand? Perhaps you are:

  • A student of topics related to the industry
  • A business owner keen to improve your supply chain management
  • A seasoned supply chain pro wanting to keep abreast of latest developments in the industry

In any such case, Rob’s videos will help you gain the wisdom to succeed in logistics and supply chain management, and with at least one new production added each week, it will pay to subscribe to the channel. That way you can keep up to date with the latest in practices, technology, and ideas that continually emerge to advance the supply chain industry and profession.


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