Supply Chain Leaders Academy, part of the Logistics Bureau Group, opened its doors in November 2012 with ‘early bird’ opportunities being snapped up by those who can ‘recognise a good thing’!  It’s now recognised as one the best places to accelerate Supply Chain Knowledge.

Supply Chain School was created for those who want a ‘fast track’ to gaining knowledge about Supply Chain and Logistics and don’t want to spend years of study or work experience to get there.

Rather than Supply Chain A to Z, Supply Chain School takes the 80/20 approach to learning and focuses on the things that really matter.

The School is led by Rob O’Byrne a 35 year veteran of the industry who amongst other things has consulted to many of the Top 200 companies in Australia (and 22 other countries), has written 5 books on Supply Chain and spent 5 years teaching Supply Chain at Post Grad level.

Existing Supply Chain School members come from backgrounds such as Beverages, FMCG, retail and 3PL.

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