Hi,  If you happen to be based in Australia, our next free seminar series will be in February.  I think this tour will take in Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, and North Ryde (Sydney).  Probably a few more, but they don’t tell me.  I just rock up and enjoy the event and sharing lots of information and tips.

These free events are run by my Consulting company, Logistics Bureau.

Hopefully we’ll be doing a SE Asia tour soon as well.

If you don’t already receive invitations for our free Supply Chain and Logistics Events, you can register on this link: Supply Chain and Logistics Seminars


Who Are These Events Best Suited To?

Some people have recently asked who these seminars are most suited to.  A very good question.  As you can appreciate, it’s hard to provide an event that meets the needs of all comers, from experienced Supply Chain managers…………to recent entrants to the industry.

So if you have not been along before, here are some thoughts…….

Our events are not aimed at ‘experts’ in Supply Chain and Logistics, although many experienced in that field do regularly attend.

Those who gain the most benefit are typically:

  • Relatively new to Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Maybe moving into the field or have just taken over a role in the field.
  • Not directly in a Supply Chain or Logistics role, but they see the need to know more about the topic.  They might work in IT, Finance, HR, Engineering, or Property Management
  • Employed in a large corporate or Government department, though could also be an SME owner.
  • Keen on self development.
  • Those who see the need for knowledge but don’t want to invest time and expense in formal supply chain and logistics training.  They want the ‘nuggets’ on a plate.
  • Somewhat nervous about their lack of Supply Chain and Logistics knowledge and rather fear being ‘found out’.  They want to be taken ‘behind the shroud’ to find out easily and simply what it’s all about.
  • Those who want to gain more respect and credibility as a business person through broadening their knowledge.

We look forward to seeing at one of our events soon.

Remember, if you do not already receive invitations from us, you can, by just entering your details on this link: Supply Chain and Logistics Seminars


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