My publisher has requested me to develop two specific books for 2013.

Are you being Screwed?  just a working title 🙂

This book will dig into the World of key Supplier relationships within the Supply Chain industry, unlocking the suspicions and deep rooted anxieties that exist on both sides of the fence.

Based on extensive research and interviews with leading industry figures, both suppliers and buyers, this Book will present the  up to date findings gained from a broad range of industries.   Specific questions to be debated will include:

  1. Are you really being ‘over sold’?  Do you need all the whistles and bells on offer?
  2. What customers really want from their Suppliers?  Is it price?  Is it Service? A  relationship? Or something else?
  3. What can we learn from Supplier relationship management overseas?  Are we too adversarial?  Or too soft?
  4. Sleeping with the enemy!  What dangers exist for allowing suppliers too close?
  5. What’s beneath the Hype?  Do your suppliers really know what they are doing?

What do you think?  Any thing specific you want to see in this one?


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