My publisher has requested me to develop two specific books for 2013.

What’s wrong with Australian Supply Chains?

Yes, this one is specifically focused on Australia, which has some unique Supply Chain challenges. So the Book will answer that very question and more, delving deep into what makes Australian Supply Chains ‘tick’.

Based on extensive research and interviews with leading industry figures this Book will present up to date findings gained from a broad range of industries.   Specific questions to be debated will include:

  1. Are Australian Supply Chains competitive when compared to the rest of the World, and if not, why not?
  2. Is the Australian ‘tyranny of distance’ used as an excuse for poor performance, to merely mask a lack of innovation and imagination?
  3. How are environmental issues and other legislation impacting our Supply Chains?
  4. What dangers lie ahead for Australian Supply Chains that could further impact cost, service and global competitiveness?
What do you think?  Any thing specific you want to see in this one?


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