My Supply Chain Secrets seminars have been enthusiastically received in the Asia –Pacific region, and of course in Australia. Now I plan to take them even further afield—all the way to Africa and South America. That’s right, folks, my supply chain pow-wows are going on a worldwide tour in 2020!


Supply Chain Secrets is on the Move—Around the World!

Seminars are important adjuncts to our Supply Chain and Logistics online education programme. It is in these forums that supply chain leaders, students, and those with a keen interest in the industry come together to explore the latest trends, ask questions, discuss concepts, and share experiences.

Here in Australia, the Supply Chain Secrets team regularly holds seminars in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

These one-day meetings offer face-to-face learning for those who have signed up for our online learning programme. They help to solidify the knowledge gained through our eClasses, eBooks, guides, and webinars.



For the past few years, we have been holding similar seminars in other parts of the Asia-Pacific region, especially in Thailand and Vietnam, where the response has been overwhelming.

Now it is Time to Explore Other Parts of the World

I have to confess to having a self-interest in this bold new Supply Chain Secrets plan for 2020. My two great passions are education and travelling, so, I thought to myself, “why not combine the two?”



Soon I will be packing my bags and setting off as a one-man ‘travelling seminar’.


My idea is to take the seminars to countries and regions where such educational events are few and far between. And, in line with the philanthropic philosophy of my specialist supply chain and logistics consulting company, Logistics Bureau, I would like to offer them at very low cost, or even for free.



Ideally, I will run two one-day seminars at each place—one covering the basics of supply chain management, the other dealing with more advanced concepts, such as supply chain benchmarking, procurement, strategy, cost-to-serve, and outsourcing.


My Worldwide Tour Will Most Probably Start in Nepal

Given that I have long wanted to visit the exquisite mountain kingdom of Nepal, and that I have already received an enthusiastic response from Nepalese industry leaders, Kathmandu would seem an obvious kick-off point for my world tour.

I have also been talking to people in East and West Africa.

However, my programme has not been finalised and I am considering a raft of locations that have been suggested to me by my colleagues in the international supply chain and logistics industry.



These include:

  • India
  • Germany
  • Kenya
  • The Netherlands
  • Gabon
  • Cyprus
  • Brazil
  • Brazil
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
Wherever the global tour takes me, however, I want it to be a BIG outreach.

You Ask: Why a World Tour? My Reply: Why NOT a World Tour?

I believe that I have much to offer when it comes to supply chain and logistics management. I have been in the industry for over 35 years, and since 1997, have been managing my Logistics Bureau consultancy.


I will also be drawing on the expertise of my specialist consultants and the knowledge I have gained through keeping abreast of latest trends in the industry.


My overriding motivation is to empower people for whom these kinds of educational programmes are rare, and which usually come with expensive attendance fees. I’ve decided it’s high time I acted on that compulsion, so look out for a Supply Chain Secrets seminar somewhere near you—in the very near future.


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