Procuring a new technology solution is a process that requires the collaboration of multiple functional teams, whether your company is selecting a WMS, TMS, CRM or ERP solution, or any other key business software product.


HR and its Place in The Procurement Process

If you’re a human resources specialist, you may have been asked to take part in previous business technology purchase projects. However, if you haven’t, here is why your involvement in future purchases will be important and why you shouldn’t be shy about stepping forward with an offer to collaborate.



Supply Chain IT Procurement



To implement a new IT solution effectively, the input of human resources specialists is vital for successful change management. There is also the task of constructing and executing a training plan to ensure the solution is fully adopted and that users have the necessary competence to work with it. However, even before that, HR should be involved in the procurement process, especially in the selection of the product vendor.


HR Culture Speaks Volumes about a Vendor

Selecting the right vendor will help greatly in ensuring your company ends up with a product that will meet current and future technology needs. While it may not have been the first thing to spring to mind, assessing vendors’ HR culture can be a great aid in identifying the provider that will serve you best over the longer term. As a human resources specialist, your expertise places you perfectly for the task of evaluating a vendor’s investment in its people supply chain.


IT’s a Great Reason to Collaborate

So when you’re looking for ways to get closer to those in supply chain and build that all-important spirit of collaboration, remember to put yourself forward and offer to assist in technology purchase decisions. After all, technology can’t work without people and you’re a people specialist—so your input is invaluable.


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