When you decide to set out on a supply chain career, it may not be because you’ve studied the topic thoroughly and understand the complexities or even the basics of supply chain management.

For example, maybe you are interested in goods transportation and want to work in that field. It could even be that you already work for a supply chain organization, but have realized that you know little about how your role or department fits into the grand scheme of things.


Understanding Supply Chain


If these or similar scenarios apply to you, then there’s no shame in wanting to begin by learning the absolute fundamentals. So why not begin with the answer to the most basic question of all: What is a supply chain?


Supply Chain: A Brief Definition

A supply chain is the network without which you wouldn’t have anything. From the food that you eat to the roof over your head; if there was no chain of people, organizations and resources working together to provide those items, you would starve.

Now before you argue that you can grow your own food, hold up … To begin with, where would you get the seeds to grow your food source? Wherever you get them from, a supply chain would have to exist. Even if a friend gives you some seeds, he or she would have to get them from somewhere—that’s the supply chain in action.


It’s About Much More than Seeds

So in essence, that’s the answer. A supply chain begins with raw materials and ends with a finished product in the hands of a customer or consumer.

While it sounds simple; and in theory, it is, a lot of other activities also contribute to supply chains, including for example, product design—but as this was a nutshell definition of what a supply chain is, it would defeat the object to contemplate the finer details here and now.


A Great Way to Learn More

If you’d like to understand those finer details of how supply chains function, along with all the essential fundamentals, you’ll find it all in my book What is Supply Chain Management? To see an overview and learn about the great package of free bonus learning materials that ship with the book, just visit the product page here at Supply Chain Secrets Books.


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